MSM6M871 Series 6, Hand blender, ErgoMaster, 1200 W, Stainless steel

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MSM6M871 Series 6, Hand blender, ErgoMaster, 1200 W, Stainless steel

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  • Product Description

      High performance: The powerful 1200-watt motor with innovative air-cooling system ensures less overheating. For fast and easy processing of even toughest ingredients – with 10-year motor warranty*

      Effortless mixing thanks to dynamic speed control: Enjoy intuitive speed control through the power of your grip. The more you squeeze the extra large lever, the faster it will work

      Perfect blending results: QuattroBlade System Pro with a highly effective flow booster bell and stainless-steel blades provides the best Bosch

      blending experience. More control – less splashing

      Long-lasting clutch: The connection between motor unit and mixing foot is made of durable ceramic material. It transmits motor power to blades

      with no wear – for excellent longevity

      Items delivered: ErgoMaster Series 6 hand blender, food processor with kneading hook, chopper for herbs, nuts, meat, or cheese, whisk for eggs

      or cream, beaker

      * Warranty conditions on

      Experience the most comfortable, high-performance way to create amazing dishes with the

      ErgoMaster Series 6 hand blender: it’s an excellent companion in every kitchen thanks to its

      perfectly blended features – from innovative speed control and the 1200-watt air-cooled motor

      to the world’s first long-lasting ceramic connect and superior blade technology. Whatever your

      culinary challenge, this practical kitchen appliance makes food preparation child’s play. Cook

      like a professional and enjoy excellent results.

      High performance – perfect results

      The ErgoMaster hand blender with its powerful 1200-watt air-cooled motor always provides

      excellent blending performance and its effective motor cooling ensures less overheating – for

      longer operation time. It lets you handle any blending, chopping, mixing, or kneading job, even

      with the toughest ingredients. Whether blending soups or dips, chopping nuts, shredding or

      dicing vegetables – ErgoMaster masters it.

      Easy handling and intuitive speed settings

      Enjoy intuitive and particularly easy speed control through the power of your grip. The tighter

      your grip on the extra-large lever, the higher the speed. This works with your fingers or thumb

      only, convenient for both right- and left-handers. Unlocking as well as speed setting can be

      controlled with one hand as the switch-on lock is integrated into the control lever. The security

      release ensures no unintended starts.

      Stainless steel knife with special flow booster bell

      The extra-sharp 4-bladed stainless-steel knife of the QuattroBlade System Pro guarantees

      superior blending performance. The design of the flow booster bell provides a perfect flow

      of ingredients towards the blades for fast and smooth blending – with reduced suction and


      Ergonomic design – easy handling

      Thanks to the ergonomic design with non-slip soft-touch handle, the ErgoMaster fits your hand

      perfectly. Enjoy full control when blending without effort and tired hands. In addition, you

      can release all attachments with a simple click for cleaning and storage. Most accessories are


      Long-lasting enjoyment and motor warranty

      The included 10-year motor warranty from Bosch guarantees continuous performance for

      many years. The wear-resistant, innovative ceramic connect ensures motor power transmission

      to blades without loss of performance. The high-quality metal housing is designed for easy

      repair, allowing customer service experts quick access to the motor unit and essential

      components. This construction principle contributes to more sustainability through


      A world of versatility included

      Meal prep has never been easier. Whether slicing vegetables, blending tasty soups, preparing

      dips and sauces, or chopping even the toughest ingredients: food preparation is a piece of

      cake thanks to a broad variety of accessories. The food processor with kneading hook is your

      all-in-one tool for chopping, slicing, shredding and kneading. Using the practical chopper, you

      can chop herbs, nuts, meat, or cheese in seconds. The whisk lets you beat eggs or cream in the

      beaker. Thanks to its included extras, the ErgoMaster leaves no wish ungranted.

      10 highlights at a glance:

      • Hand blender with high performance and outstanding features

      • Air-cooled 1200-watt motor for less overheating

      • Bosch Motor Technology with 10-year-warranty*

      • Dynamic speed control for intuitive speed setting – with easy unlock

      • Ceramic connect technology without wear-out

      • QuattroBlade System Pro with flow booster bell

      • Easy handling thanks to ergonomic soft-touch grip and easy click mechanism

      • Stainless steel housing

      • Long-lasting – designed for easy repair

      • Included accessories: food processor with kneading hook, chopper, whisk, beaker

      Bosch – invented for life.

      Cooking, baking, mixing smoothies, making delicious dishes like a pro: home appliances

      from Bosch make life easier. With 70 years of kitchen appliances’ experience, Bosch uniquely

      masters all aspects of food preparation, so cooking and baking is always a pleasure. Count on

      us for perfect results, maximum convenience, and straightforward solutions. Yesterday, today,

      and tomorrow.

      * Warranty conditions on

      • 1200-watt motor
      • Innovative air-cooling system that ensures less overheating
      • Dynamic speed control
      • QuattroBlade System ensures efficient cutting – without splashing
      • 10-year motor warranty*
      • Included accessories: food processor with kneading hook, chopper, whisk, beaker.
      • Non-slip soft-touch grip
      • Easy click mechanism for changing attachments

      • No limits

      • Length: 6 cm
      • Width: 7.8 cm
      • Height: 39.5 cm

      Package Dimensions
      • Length: 26.5 cm
      • Width: 20 cm
      • Height: 35.5 cm

  • Product Warranty and Grading
    • 6 months product warranty

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      2) The product has not been broken or damaged by normal wear and tear.

      3) The product is well maintained

      4) The product was not damaged by the consumer

      5) We do not offer repair services.

      In case the 6 months are due, you can use our invoice and try to apply the warranty with the manufacturer, but we are not an intermediate.

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