JBL Quantum Stream Studio

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JBL Quantum Stream Studio

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  • Product Description

      Sound like a pro with the JBL Quantum Stream Studio microphone. Whether you're gaming, streaming or recording by yourself, with a co-host, or with a roomful of guests, you can quickly switch between four different pickup patterns so that everyone can be heard. No additional gear required to level up your game. You'll always know how loud things are getting thanks to the RGB VU meter, and the dynamic range compressor makes sure everyone's voice stays at the same level. Streaming a game? Fully control the balance between the game sounds and your own commentary. Use the included JBL QuantumENGINE PC software to adjust EQ, apply noise reduction, or customize the mic's radiant RGB lighting.

      • Triple condenser microphones for perfect streaming Stream or record one, two, or more voices through three lightweight, fast-moving, and sensitive (-37dB) 14mm cardioid condenser mics, all with a wide, flat frequency range (50~16kHz). At 192kHz/24 bits recording, your streams and recordings will sound studio-quality and capture every nuance of what you're saying.
      • Four selectable voice pick-up patterns A single button on the microphone's front quickly changes between four voice-pickup patterns: cardioid for when you're recording or streaming by yourself, bi-directional if you're interviewing someone on the opposite side of the mic, stereo if you and your co-host are sitting on the same side of the mic or you're recording a musical instrument, and omnidirectional for any stream or podcast where more than two people are talking.
      • Dynamic range compressor Don't worry about trying to talk at the same volume all the time: the dynamic range compressor keeps your voice from clipping if you get too loud, or gives you a boost if you're speaking too softly.
      • Tap-to-mute button with RGB ring indicator Feel a cough coming on? Just tap the touch sensor on top of the mic to mute yourself briefly. The RGB lights around the grille will turn red to remind you that your audience can't hear you.
      • RGB VU meter Easily keep an eye on your volume levels with the real-time RGB VU meter that surrounds the control knob. Too low? Try turning up the gain. Going into the red? Your listeners might be hearing clipping and distortion, so ease back.
      • Easy voice monitoring Monitor your voice directly from your headphones using the 3.5mm connection, controlling your volume on the microphone itself and using the included JBL QuantumENGINE software to adjust your EQ. You can also easily control the balance between PC sound and the amount of voice rerouted to your headset while streaming. The Audio/Voice Monitor feature allows for the best balance between the sound of your game and the level of your voice.
      • Universal mounting solution Use the included stand to hold the mic, or if you've already got a boom arm or C-clamp system in your setup, it will screw right into either.
      • Made from premium and sturdy material The JBL Quantum Stream Studio mic stands firm on the table thanks to the sturdy alloy stand made of zinc. Premium components such as the metal body and grill make this mic suitable for any professional streaming setup.
      • JBL QuantumENGINE compatibility With the included JBL QuantumENGINE software, you can quickly adjust EQ and gain to fine-tune your sound, mute and unmute yourself, apply noise reduction, perform a quick mic test, and even customize the mic's radiant RBG lighting, all from your computer screen.

      Package Dimensions
      • Length: 9 cm
      • Width: 9 cm
      • Height: 20 cm

  • Product Warranty and Grading
    • 6 months product warranty

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      1) The product has been used in a normal way.

      2) The product has not been broken or damaged by normal wear and tear.

      3) The product is well maintained

      4) The product was not damaged by the consumer

      5) We do not offer repair services.

      In case the 6 months are due, you can use our invoice and try to apply the warranty with the manufacturer, but we are not an intermediate.

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      Refurbished grades run on a scale from refurbished Grade A all the way to refurbished Grade C, with refurbished Grade A offering the best quality and refurbished Grade C offering the lowest quality of a refurbished product. Below, you can read about the definitions of each of these refurbished grades:

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      Grade C; Products that have a C grade are products that even though they are still 100% usable, the scratches and scuffs are more noticeable and excessive usage is shown from the previous owner. A lot more wear and tear is noted. For products that collect waste (vacuum cleaners, shavers or hygiene products), they will have evidence of use. Please notice you may encounter dust and waste on the devices and sometimes an odor might be present from previous use (washing machines, blenders and others). Some products that use any other substance (Ex. gel) might not have all of it or none. Additionally, the packaging box can be damaged and some “non-essential” items can be missing.

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    • Return and Exchange policy FAQ 

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      How do I return a product?

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       The following items cannot be refunded:

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      My question is not addressed...

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