BGB7X420 Bagged vacuum cleaner, Ergomaxx'x, Blue

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BGB7X420 Bagged vacuum cleaner, Ergomaxx'x, Blue

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  • Product Description

      Bosch ErgoMaxx'x Bagged Vacuum Cleaner – The Epitome of Cleaning Excellence

      Meet the Bosch ErgoMaxx'x Bagged Vacuum Cleaner, the apex of cleaning excellence, setting new standards with its extraordinary features and capabilities. Designed for both optimal performance and longevity, this vacuum cleaner guarantees cleaner and healthier living spaces.

      German-Engineered Excellence – A 10-Year Motor Guarantee[1]*

      Bosch's legacy of excellence is deeply rooted in German engineering. Our high-performance motors, produced and perfected in Germany for over 65 years, ensure not only optimal results but also long-lasting performance. That's why we offer an unparalleled 10-year motor guarantee[1]* to accompany your Bosch vacuum cleaner.

      PowerProtect System – Sustained Suction Power

      Never compromise on cleaning quality. Many vacuum cleaners experience a drop in suction power when their dust bags fill up. However, our PowerProtect System equips the G ALL dustbag with a multi-layered hi-tech filter material, ensuring efficient unfolding and a higher dust pick-up capacity. Enjoy long-lasting performance with fewer dustbag replacements.

      QuattroPower System – Peak Cleaning Performance

      Powerful vacuuming necessitates high-performance technologies. Bosch's highly efficient QuattroPower System seamlessly combines a high-speed motor, high-performing nozzle, optimized air seals, and a hygienic G ALL dustbag. This unique combination ensures thorough and fast cleaning results, making your cleaning experience efficient and hassle-free.

      UltraAllergy Hygienic Filter – Exceptional Air Filtration for Allergy Sufferers

      For those prone to allergies, maintaining excellent air quality is vital. Our washable UltraAllergy Filter is designed to remove 99.99% of allergens, fine dust particles, and bacteria, preventing their release into your living space. The result? Exhaust air cleaner than the natural air in your home[2]*****.

      12m Operating Radius – Convenience Redefined

      With a generous 12-meter operating radius, our vacuum cleaner is designed for maximum convenience. The extended cable provides easy access to distant corners and larger spaces, reducing the need for frequent socket changes. Simplify your cleaning routine as you move effortlessly, saving precious time and effort with each use.

      XXL Dust Bag Volume – Uninterrupted Cleaning Sessions

      Designed to hold the largest capacity in our bagged cylinder range, our vacuum cleaner boasts an XXL dust bag volume that sets new standards in convenience. Say goodbye to frequent dustbag changes and experience extended cleaning sessions with minimal interruptions. It's a testament to our commitment to excellence and economy.

      VacuumPower Premium Nozzle – Triple Cleaning Efficiency

      Vacuuming carpets is usually strenuous, but not with our VacuumPower Premium nozzle. Featuring patented spikes and bristle bars with more openings, it triples the pick-up of coarse dirt[3]****, making carpet cleaning a breeze. Expect flawless cleaning results every time, without the hassle.

      Bagged Performance – The Power

      Excellent cleaning results go beyond power; it's the synergy of the vacuum cleaner's components. Our powerful Bosch motor creates an airflow under the nozzle at speeds of up to 150 km/h. Combined with a high-performing nozzle, optimized air seals, and the filter, all components are optimized to achieve dust pick-up of more than 99.9%[4], guaranteeing effortless and perfect cleaning results.

      Upgrade your cleaning experience with the Bosch ErgoMaxx'x Bagged Vacuum Cleaner. Rely on German engineering excellence, enjoy cleaner living spaces, and say goodbye to compromises. Order now and experience the Bosch difference!

      Bosch – invented for life.

      Bosch looks back on over 80 years of vacuum cleaner experience, and more than 50 years of battery expertise. The result: innovative technology that makes cleaning your home as easy, and enjoyable, as possible. Performance, convenience, or usability, the right vacuum cleaner from Bosch exceeds even the highest expecta

      • 1. Terms of guarantee on
      • 2. tested according to EN 60312-1:2017
      • 3. Coarse pick-up measured according to BSH internal test program, compared to BGLS4X200 (tested on hard floor and carpet with BSH coarse dirt mixture). Easier cleaning measured according to EN60312-1:2017 cl. 6.2 'Motion resistance' (tested on carpet).
      • 4. Measured in maximum power level on hard floors with crevices. Tested according to EN 60312-1:2017.

      • 10-Year Motor Guarantee
      • PowerProtect System
      • 12m Operating Radius
      • XXL Dust Bag Volume
      • VacuumPower Premium Nozzle
      • German Engineering Excellence
      • QuattroPower System

      • Length: 27.5 cm
      • Width: 32 cm
      • Height: 48 cm

      Package Dimensions
      • Length: 31.5 cm
      • Width: 32 cm
      • Height: 59.5 cm

  • Product Warranty and Grading
    • 6 months product warranty

      We offer a 6-month warranty on the product. Conditions for making the warranty claim are:

      1) The product has been used in a normal way.

      2) The product has not been broken or damaged by normal wear and tear.

      3) The product is well maintained

      4) The product was not damaged by the consumer

      5) We do not offer repair services.

      In case the 6 months are due, you can use our invoice and try to apply the warranty with the manufacturer, but we are not an intermediate.

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      Refurbished grades run on a scale from refurbished Grade A all the way to refurbished Grade C, with refurbished Grade A offering the best quality and refurbished Grade C offering the lowest quality of a refurbished product. Below, you can read about the definitions of each of these refurbished grades:

      New product; This is a brand new product. The product will be in a perfect condition, no one has used it before.

      Grade A; This is the very best quality. They have an excellent cosmetic aspect and show no signs of previous use, maybe only minimum ones. However, no scratches or significant “bruises” are noticeable. For products that collect waste (vacuum cleaners, shavers or hygiene products), they are as good as new and with minimal or no evidence of use. Some products that use any other substance (Ex. gel) might not have all of it. Additionally, the packaging box can be a little damaged.

      Grade B; These products can have some minor scratches and scuffs but they are still 100% usable and perfectly functional. The only thing that changes between A and B grading is the cosmetic difference. For products that collect waste (vacuum cleaners, shavers or hygiene products), they are almost as good as new and have small evidence of use. Please notice you may encounter very little dust and waste on the devices and sometimes an odor might be present from previous use (washing machines, blenders and others)  . Some products that use any other substance (Ex. gel) might not have all of it or none. Additionally, the packaging box can be a little damaged.

      Grade C; Products that have a C grade are products that even though they are still 100% usable, the scratches and scuffs are more noticeable and excessive usage is shown from the previous owner. A lot more wear and tear is noted. For products that collect waste (vacuum cleaners, shavers or hygiene products), they will have evidence of use. Please notice you may encounter dust and waste on the devices and sometimes an odor might be present from previous use (washing machines, blenders and others). Some products that use any other substance (Ex. gel) might not have all of it or none. Additionally, the packaging box can be damaged and some “non-essential” items can be missing.

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    • Return and Exchange policy FAQ 

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    • What are Reviewclub Deals?

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